According to one of our services client, they completed their store inspection
80% faster after going digital with ezyaudit.
Dynamic Inspection Features
Add non-conformance
Any breach, issue or defect that comes up while conducting an inspection is a non-conformance. A ticket is created when a undesired response is entered by the user for a particular question
Add Evidence
Users can add proofs of non-conformance or elsewhere if there is a need, in form of images by on spot capturing or through gallery where ever required.
Perform Root Cause Analysis
Once the tickets are created, it's closure is done by performing RCA, initially that ticket is assigned to a concerned person, his and operating manager's comments and related documents are taken. Later after doing the corrections the ticket is closed
Verify Risk
If there is an undesired response for a question, before a ticket is created, to verify the non-conformance an image of the same is attached for review of the team/management and then it is further assigned for correction

Assign Corrective Action
Once a ticket is created, to rectify the issue it is immediately assigned to the concerned person for corrections via email
Get notification at each stage
Action plans for the questions can be set where for real-time monitoring users can be notified about the progress of the inspections that are being carried out
Add logic and workflow on the fly
Users can add logics to the questions for actions to be taken as per a response against a question that is whether to force a comment, image upload, move to next question, etc.
Dashboard for monitoring activities
All user activities are tracked and displayed on the dashboard like which audit or ticket recently worked upon, number of audits open/completed and number of tickets assigned

digital signature
To authenticate completion of an audit, the auditors.assigned need to add their signature and bear responsibility of the actions taken.
Trigger automated alerts
Email templates can be created, assigned to a questionnaire type and assigned. Emails will then be automatically triggered and sent to assigned users
Add, Edit Or Delete Questions From The Question Bank Or Questionnaires Within Minutes
Here is how it's work!
Setup checklists and conduct audits faster than ever
The process of internal inspections has been made quicker with this tool as all the required actions can be performed immediately. Whether it is realted to adding new questions, creating new questionnaires or conducting inspections. All the processes are carried out digitally which helps to reduce time spent and increase productivity, safety and quality
The App behind great organizations
Ezyaudit is both a web and mobile application which allows users to access and conduct audits remotely. This makes their team more efficient and the inspection process more effective. Real-time monitoring is an add-on which helps management to review the work being done on the floor. Faster communication through automated email notifications keeps the team on their toes and helps them deliver up to the expectations
The most powerful platform for ensuring safety in the premises, implementation of QMS and Quality Control. Ezyaudit is ultimately a very efficient and effective tool which helps you digitize the inspection and reporting process in just 2 Weeks.

Real results of what are clients are experiencing, you can expect this too.
Centralized Documentation
We ensure you no more paperwork, as Ezyaudit has a wide database to store your questionnaires, inspection forms and reports in a secured centralized repository.
Faster performance
Manually a departmental audit process can take up to a day but with all the process streamlined digitally, from inspection to ticket raise and reporting is a matter of few minutes.
Missing out a Nonconformance
You get to design your workflow and forms, and it gives you the freedom to mark important checkpoints mandatory before proceeding further.
More efficient RCA
Root Cause Analysis after a non conformance arises is much easier with Ezyaudit as there are checkpoints you can set which the team can't skip without providing the evidence. It further helps in performing CAPAs
Quicker communication
Ezyaudit allows you to communicate internally with team members and the management. So whenever a breach/issue rises, you can immediately inform the concerned person to fix it.
Remote Access
The beauty of the tool is that you can access and manage your audits from anywhere on your Smartphones. It helps remote user to capture the data with its mobile offline capabilities and sync it when they attain connectivity
Inspect. Indicate. Improve
  • Go Digital in 2 weeks
  • Add Questions in the bank, Design a workflow and create inspection forms
  • Get alerts about pending or scheduled audits
  • Generate Tickets against an issue
  • Initiate and Assign Corrective Actions
  • Add Photos as an evidence
  • Share real-time reports with the management
  • Total Mobile Access

Ezyaudit is the best tool in the market to ensure safety and deliver the quality you promise to the customer

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